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How to Get Better at Playing CS:GO


The first-person shooter CS:GO is one of the most challenging online games of 2019. So much so, many players become frustrated when they cannot seem to improve their skills.

Thankfully, there are ways to improve your CS:GO skills and none of them require a huge amount of time or money.

Watch other CS:GO players stream -- One of the easiest ways to improve your CS:GO skills is to watch how better players than you play the game.

This can easily be done by watching their YouTube and Twitter streams, and concentrating on the tactics they use to win.

Watch them play both regular matches and death matches, as that will give you hints on both ways of playing the game.

Pay for a CS:GO coach -- It is possible to hire a CS:GO coach to train you in how to be a better player.

You will find coaches advertising their services on online forums. Find one that is reputable and that has other players vouching for his training and skills.

Pay for CS:GO boosting -- It is also possible to pay for csgo boosting. This requires paying for someone to play as your character with the goal of leveling up that character to the ranking you want.

This can be done through an online boosting service and, as long as you choose one that is reputable, is completely safe. They will pay a better player to play in your CS:GO games until your character gains the ranking you need. You can then retake your account and play CS:GO as before.

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Tips For Improvement on CS GO


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a fast paced first person shooter and a whole lot of fun, but strategy is absolutely required. Knowing your role is a huge help. Consider whether you are on offense or defense and go from there. One tip that goes no matter which side you are on, don't make a lot of noise. Walk quietly. Sounds matter and can give your location away quickly.

Don't take on a role that you can't handle. If you can't protect the hostages but can be a lookout, do that. If you can't deliver the bomb, don't pick it up, Knowing what areas you are strong in is a must.

Practice with the guns. Much like anything else, practice helps. AIm a bit lower to hit your targets and don't waste time picking up weapons that you aren't familiar with. Something very important: Reload! Keep your ammo count up. Nothing is worse than running out of ammo in the middle of a firefight when you had time to reload prior to engaging. Also learn to switch weapons fast for when you do run out of ammo.

Don't make yourself a target. If you are still, you are a target. Move. Get to cover. Jump. Anything to make it harder to hit you. Get to know maps. This is important so you can know where to go to reload without being in the middle of battle or to just recoup or weapon switch. It is also good to know the map for sneak attacks and ambushes.

Just play to practice, but take breaks. Resting is good for you too. 

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How to Get Better at CS GO



How to get better at playing CS:GO quickly


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO) is one of the most popular online games at the moment.


Not everyone is good at the game though and, if you are not, it can be incredibly frustrating when you find yourself up against players much better than you.


Here are a few tips then to help you get better at playing CS:GO quickly.


Play the workshop maps -- While most players are desperate to learn the game quickly and then start to play it, that is rarely the right idea.


Instead, you should spend a couple of days just playing the workshop maps. This will give you time to not only master the weaponry, it will also give you time to figure out how best to use the terrain.


Learn how to shoot each weapon -- Spend as much time as it takes to master every weapon in the game. Aim is crucial, but so is speed. Make sure you are skilled at both before you join a real game.


Play your role -- When you are part of a team, you need to be sure to only play the role you were assigned and not try to do things that role should not do.


If you are support, play support. If you are a sniper be a sniper, and do not go rushing off to try to be a fragger instead.


Watch the pro players -- You can learn more from watching the pro players stream their games than from almost anything else.


Put aside at least an hour a day and watch one of the top players streaming his gameplay on Twitch. Your skills will then improve measurably when you put what they do into action. Click this csgo boosting for more tips.




How to Get Better at CSGO Quickly

The multiplayer first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, aka CSGO, is one of the most popular games in the world today. It is also one of the most popular games for streamers on Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms.

This is why many new CSGO players want to be able to improve their skills quickly. After all, if you can become one of the best CSGO players, there are large amounts of money to be made.

Learn from other players -- Of course, you do not want to start playing CSGO and watch other players instead of concentrating on your own gameplay. That would immediately cause you to be killed.

That is why people who are trying to get better at CSGO quickly spend several hours a day watching other people play the game on Twitch. That way you can watch without having to worry about your own survival chances, and can learn from people who are extremely good at the game.

Read chat comments -- When you watch people streaming CSGO on Twitch, you will also notice other people are sitting in a chat stream next to the streaming video commenting on the streamer's gameplay.

Reading these chat comments can be a very good way to learn how to improve your CSGO skills quickly, as they will often have suggestions about better ways to kill enemies than the streamer you are watching.

Watch CSGO tips videos -- YouTube has a thriving community of CSGO players that also make tips videos.

These videos can be very useful as they often contain information the people making them have gleaned from their own mistakes made while playing CSGO.

Spend a few hours a week watching CSGO tips videos, and you should see your own skills improving quite quickly. To get csgo boosting come check our site.